We are a Zurich-based startup with a long-term plan

Our watches have qualities that last beyond generations and create awareness for a culture for quality, precision and reliability.
True Swiss values.




There are a number of reasons that have led us to enter the watch market.

Craft will never become obsolete.

Technology becomes obsolete, craft does not. A mechanical movement draws energy from the movement of the human body – a symbiosis that only the owner of a mechanical watch will understand.

The perception of luxury is changing.
What we percept as «luxury» is changing. Some attributes stay, like proximity quality, and exclusivity. Other attributes like sustainability are new. Yes, sustainability is luxury. Craft will become luxury. 

Merging the past with the future.
We appreciate the past, but we also love the future. Combining the arts of watchmaking with technology allows us to be at the forefront of innovation in offering digital services and creating new experiences.



Brand Promise

As the underdog in the market, it is important for us to do certain things differently. 

Curated time- and artpieces
Our vintage watches show the evolution of arts. They express a story with their design language, materiality, and craftmanship behind. Therefore, we curate them by their underlying aesthetics, and not by brand.

Longevity at heart
In earlier eras, watches were made in qualites that no longer exists today. They were designed to last forever, including the components. There is no obsolence.
This is what we consider as quality at zrhbrg. And this is what we offer.

Wearable investments
You find watches on zrhbrg. that you won't find anywhere else. Our watches can be considered as wearable, alternative investment assets given their value increase in the last decades. 


Join the Club

Thanks for being part of this journey.
We are proud, if we can help you enjoy some Swiss culture in your wrist. Don't hesitate to give us your input and feedback by dropping us a message - your feedback is what helps us grow.

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