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Picky Finders

Like a truffle dog, searching for the best pieces, we scour dark back rooms, dusty basements, rummage through trunks, drawers, boxes. Always with a tense sparkle in our eyes, eager to see what treasures will fall into our hands next.

As a fascination for old, rare and unconventional found its origin in the small, today larger than our imagination could reach back then, we are happy to find ourselves today, where we stand now. Looking back proudly on the achievements, good cheer and full of curiosity glancing forward, we are happy to see you taking part in our journey through time. Searching for the most special contemporary witnesses and sharing their individual stories, one whispers at the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich already of the Picky Finders, who sometimes climb down from their mountain to search for new stories.

Waiting a long time and still somewhat dreamily brought to the light of day, a small face from an old time looks at us. Many stories already seen, great journeys undertaken, but by the mill of time slowly pale, we take this little wonder in our care. 

Forgotten long ago, now found again and honored with appropriate attention, the silent witness of a bygone time is now closely reviewed. What adventures he may have experienced? When and by whom was it created and finally worn? All the significant moments in the life of a person it may have witnessed? Moments of joy? Tears? Moments of love and proximity? Seen many come and go, good as well as bad days. Always on the edge of attention, but forever a reliable partner who constantly guided his partner along the path of time. A thought back to a life, of which now the next chapter will be opened.

The first steps are usually a bit shaky. A little support with patience and dedication, slowly remembering what used to be, the energy and confidence sprays out of the small case again. Just like back then. As if the big sleep had never existed. But now in a different world, with new faces, their views and beliefs. Impatiently wondering what will now occur ahead of it.

How will you continue the story?

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Special thanks

to all who have contributed to this project

Amos Haag, Vivienne Klauser, Ben Rotthoff, Ennio Limbach, Karol Benavides, Giada Nera


Regina Esthermann, Ben Rotthoff, Vasco Branschi

Artworth Brothers, Uhrensohn AG

Requisites, materials and location

Ennio Limbach, Valentin Thalmann


Valentin Thalmann

Concept, Art Direction, Photo/Videography