Quality Assessment at Zurichberg

To ensure outstanding quality of the watches on our platform, a watch goes through several checks before it is curated:

Proof of Existence

We research and replicate the history of the watch. Once the history has been successfully established, we begin the process of authenticating the watch.

2. Proof of Authenticity

Next, we make sure that the watch is genuine. The authenticity check is carried out by a licensed watchmaker. This determines whether the components of the watch and the movement are genuine. Data comparison of the reference, caliber, and serial number of the watch with archive data are parts of this proof.

3. Proof of Quality

In the proof of quality, we analyze the condition of the watch. In its highest condition, the watch was a stored value and was never worn. Or it was already worn by several generations and thus bears certain traces. Perhaps parts of the watch have been replaced in the course of revisions. This all has an influence on the valuation of the quality

10/10: NOS
The watch is NOS (New Old Stock) without any traces of use. ​No parts have been changed or replaced. This condition only occurs if the watch has been kept in storage and has therefore never been worn.

9/10: Excellent
Age-appropriate discolorations, which can be chemically removed or installation traces, as they occur according to the age of the watch even with the most careful maintenance. Fine scratches, such as those that occur after a short period of use. Unvisible parts might have been replaced by original parts.

8/10: Very good appearance
Only minor traces of use and usual opening marks, which are easy to remove if necessary. No obvious dents. Only light scratches. Visible parts might have been replaced by original parts.

7/10: Good appearance
Slightly annoying defects according to the age of the watch, such as deeper scratches, small dents, traces of use and assembly. Still appealing in visual appearance. Visible parts have been replaced by original parts.

After we have done these three checks, we tokenize the watch and store it alongside other core data on Adresta's forgery-proof platform. This is how we create a digital passport for the watch. This digital passport, stored on the Swiss Trust Chain, accompanies the watch throughout its lifetime, building its history and creating trust and transparency by proving authenticity and ownership.

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