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Our unique Swiss vintage watches create awareness of a culture of quality, precision and reliability. They reveal the evolution of aesthetics, as they last for generations. And they can be considered as wearable assets: Trade in your watch bought on Zurichberg anytime and allow it to evolve with you.

You find watches on Zurichberg that you won’t find elsewhere.

Unique timepiecesPromise Nr. 1

Your digital watch certificate proofs authenticity and ownership.

AuthenticPromise Nr. 1

Our vintage watches can be expected to hold, or even rise in value over time.

Wearable assetPromise Nr.3

Your watch is checked is ticking perfectly and comes with a warranty.

Ticking correctlyPromise Nr. 4

Our watches, materials and packaging are all Swiss made.

All Swiss madePromise Nr. 5r

No new resources are used.

Ecological footprintPromise Nr. 6