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Made to last for generations

Swiss vintage watches were built with one goal in mind. Reliability. To maintain this quality and to ensure a long life of the movement, service from time to time is essential.

The watch service at Zurichberg

We work with the best certified Swiss watchmakers and a vast network of watch part suppliers in Switzerland to guarantee your watch a long life. Also, we have the fairest revision prices available in Switzerland.

We let you decide whether you want your watch fully serviced or simply checked. Even if you order the watch "only" checked, the watch will be tested and adjusted for time accuracy before shipping. However, we recommend you to order your watch fully serviced because there are several advantages associated with this.

Fully Serviced

Your watch will be completely refurbished before shipping. The movement is disassembled, cleaned, re-oiled and then adjusted. In addition, the glass will be polished or replaced. For cases that are not plated, a case polish will also be carried out. Individual wishes are of course also possible, e.g. if you want to keep certain usage traces to preserve the history of the watch.

We guarantee one year warranty on fully serviced watches.


Your watch will be checked for full functionality and accuracy before shipping. A two-week functional guarantee after receipt of the watch is included.