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Let your watch evolve along your journey through life.

You can trade in your watch purchased on Zurichberg anytime and upgrade to a new timepiece.

The Trade-in service is available for every watch which has been purchased from Zurichberg.

Basically, you can assume 75-95% of the original purchase price. The value adjustment depends on revision expenses and value adjustments due to traces of use or market price changes.

The following conditions must be met in order to use the trade-in service:
(1) The watch you want to trade-in was purchased from Zurichberg.
(2) The purchase price of the watch you want to trade-in is half the price of the watch, that you want to buy (or less).

If you want to make a trade-in, send us a message via or via Instagram. Please inform us:
(1) Which watch you would like to have, so that we can reserve it for you.
(2) Which watch you would like to trade-in.

After we confirm the reservation of the watch, we'll ask you to send the watch you wish to trade-in back to Zurichberg. Once received, we will check the condition and function of the watch and make a valuation adjustment of  to the original price, which is at least 5%. If the watch is in a very bad condition, we can refuse the trade-in request.

Afterwards we will send you the invoice for your new watch, adjusted by the trade-in value. As soon as the invoice is paid, your new watch is on its way to you.


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