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Let your watch evolve along your journey through life.

You can trade in your watch purchased on Zurichberg anytime and upgrade to a new timepiece.

The Trade-in service is available for every watch which has been purchased from Zurichberg.

You will receive 75-95% of the original purchase price. The value adjustment depends on revision expenses, traces of use, or market price changes.

The purchase price of the watch you want to trade-in is half the price of the watch, that you want to buy (or less).

If you want to make a trade-in, send us a message via or via Instagram. Please inform us:
(1) Which watch you would like to have, so that we can reserve it for you.
(2) Which watch you would like to trade-in.

After we confirm the reservation of the watch, we'll ask you to send the watch you wish to trade-in back to Zurichberg. Once received, we will check the condition and function of the watch and make a valuation adjustment of  to the original price, which is at least 5%. If the watch is in a very bad condition, we can refuse the trade-in request.

Afterwards we will send you the invoice for your new watch, adjusted by the trade-in value. As soon as the invoice is paid, your new watch is on its way to you.