Chronosuisse Opus skeleton

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1 Year Warranty
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The art of skeleting

Picked for you by Ennio Limbach

This watch was made in the 2000s

Brand: Chronosuisse
Model: Opus
Reference: CH7543
Year: 2000
Scope of Delivery: zrhbrg Packaging with digital Asset
Diameter: 38mm
Glass: Saphire Crystal
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bezel Material: Stainless Steel
Case Back Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Color: White, Skelleted Dial
Features: Chronograph, Date, Small Second,
Indexes: Print
Dial Handstyle: Baton Hands
Movement Type: Automatic Movement
Caliber: C741 - ETA 7750 Valjoux
Base Caliber: ETA 7750 Valjoux
Power Reserve: 44h
Number of Stones: 25
Frequency: 28.800A/h
Strap Material: Aligator
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Clasp Material: Stainless Steel

About the Brand

In the early days of Chronoswiss, remnants of mechanical movements from the manufacturer Enicar that were no longer produced were encased in watch cases and sold. Today's collection consists of mechanical watches and also includes limited editions. Characteristic features of the watches include the onion crown, the knurled bezel and screwed bracelet bars. Typical complications included the use of quarter-hour repeaters and the introduction of the first skeletonised automatic chronograph (Opus model). Using original tools from the 1940s, the Klassik Chronograph model was produced. The Orea model features an enamelled dial. Among the brand's most famous models to date is the Régulateur, the first mass-produced wristwatch with a regulator dial, introduced in 1987 and available from 1988. Over the decades, it developed into the brand's icon, which has been constantly refined. In 2016, Chronoswiss introduced the Flying Regulator, the first Regulator model with a multi-level dial. As of December 2006, the company was based in Karlsfeld near Munich. Chronoswiss produced less than 5000 watches per year in 2012 (estimated).[1] At the beginning of 2012, the previous owner family Lang[2] sold their shares in Chronoswiss Uhren GmbH to the Swiss entrepreneurial family Oliver and Eva Maria Ebstein, based in Lucerne on Lake Lucerne. The company's headquarters have since been relocated to Lucerne.[3] In August 2013, Chronoswiss announced that the Karlsfeld site would be completely abandoned.[4] The headquarters of the independent family business has been Lucerne since 2014. In addition to mechanical timepieces, the ateliers there also produce limited editions and custom-made watches, some of which are refined with historical crafts such as enamel or guilloche.





我們使用值得信賴且有保險的送貨合作夥伴,通常在收到您的付款後的下一個工作日運送您的包裹。一般情況下,交貨時間在 歐洲是2-5個工作日 並且對於 世界其他地區 2-8 個工作日 取決於運營商。我們還可以安排通過直接快遞服務或我們團隊的成員(可選)將您的手錶送達。直接交付的運費由客戶承擔。如果您想討論選項並獲得報價,請與我們聯繫。

簡而言之,我們在退貨和換貨方面並沒有那麼困難。我們堅定地支持我們的產品,並儘最大努力確保您對您的購買完全滿意。您有權在收到產品後十四 (14) 天內退貨,無需告訴我們原因。如果您想退回您的物品,只需告訴我們,我們將安排收集。一旦退回給我們,我們將退還zrhbrg.ch的相關金額ras憑證,包括運費,不包括退貨費用。


此外,您可以在交貨前對手錶進行全面維修,在這種情況下,我們會為您提供 1 年功能保證。 保修在全球範圍內有效。這將使您無論居住在哪個國家都能夠獲得援助。

Every watch is covered by a working guarantee.

In addition, you can have the watch fully serviced before delivery , in which case we give you a 1-year functional guarantee. The warranty is worldwide valid. This will enable you to receive assistance regardless of your country of residence.

個人品味可以進化。為確保合身,您可以隨時換購在 Zurichberg 購買的手錶併升級為新時計。因此,您的個人時計可以在您的人生旅途中與您一起進化。


我們為您在 zrhbrg 上購買的手錶創建了一個不可篡改且不可偽造的數字護照。‍

護照證明真實性和您的合法所有權。您的數字資產存儲在瑞士信託鏈上,這是一個位於瑞士的區塊鏈基礎設施。一旦您購買手錶,它就會自動轉移到您自己的數字錢包中,我們與我們的合作夥伴一起為您提供 在地址




護照可證明您的合法所有權,並從現在起伴隨您的手錶在其整個生命週期內,建立其歷史 - 允許信任和透明度。它還使資產更具可替代性,促進基礎服務,例如為手錶提供保險。

5 Reasons for Vintage

Nowadays, many high-quality watches are mass-produced. Vintage watches were often made in very small series with skilled craftsmanship instead of robots.

Watches that only a few wearReason Nr. 1

In earlier eras, watches were designed to last forever, including the components. There is no such thing as obsolescence. That is what we consider quality at Zurichberg.

Quality that endures generationsReason Nr. 2

Today, only a few watch manufacturers can afford to launch polarising products and therefore produce watches that are aesthetically pleasing to all.

Polarizing and characteristic designsReason Nr. 3

Vintage watches are overall cheaper than new watches. This is because new watches fulfill the essential financial objectives for the manufacturers, whereas vintage watches are financially "depreciated", so to speak.

Value for MoneyReason Nr. 4

We believe that in order to move towards a more sustainable future, it is absolutely necessary and logical to develop a sense for the quality of the past and to reuse products instead of producing new ones.

Longevity that feels greatReason Nr. 5





Zurichberg's packaging material are made out of renewable ressources and are produced in Switzerland by Optipac