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Watches designed to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go

These watches are more than just timekeepers, they are conversation starters that perfectly embody the essence of true art and aesthetics.

Whether it's the intricate engravings, the rare and exotic materials, or the bold and striking designs, these watches are designed to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go.

If you're looking for a watch that truly reflects your individuality and taste, look no futher than this collection

Certina DS-5
Certina DS-5 SFr. 420.00
Certina DS
Certina DS SFr. 480.00

5 Reasons for Vintage

Nowadays, many high-quality watches are mass-produced. Vintage watches were often made in very small series with skilled craftsmanship instead of robots.

Watches that only a few wearReason Nr. 1

In earlier eras, watches were designed to last forever, including the components. There is no such thing as obsolescence. That is what we consider quality at Zurichberg.

Quality that endures generationsReason Nr. 2

Today, very few watch manufacturers can afford to launch polarising products and therefore produce watches that are aesthetically pleasing to all.

Polarizing and characteristic designsReason Nr. 3

Vintage watches are overall cheaper than new watches. This is because new watches fulfill an essential financial purpose for the producers, whereas vintage watches are financially "depreciated", so to speak.

Value for MoneyReason Nr.4

We believe that in order to move towards a more sustainable future, it is absolutely necessary and logical to develop a sense for the quality of the past and to reuse products instead of producing new ones.

Longevity that feels greatReason Nr. 5
Explore our curated watch collections

Every watch on Zurichberg is hand-picked according to our curation principles, focusing on the degree or rarity, the manufacturing quality, the brand heritage and its aesthetics in the art-historical context. 

Explore our collections and experience qualities beyond brand value.

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Original certifié

L'authenticité de votre montre est garantie par nos horlogers qualifiés et agréés basés en Suisse. Vous obtiendrez également un jumeau numérique de votre montre avec toutes les données clés.

Cocher correctement

Votre montre est vérifiée pour sa précision ou entièrement révisée - vous pouvez choisir le niveau de service.

Zurichberg's packaging material are made out of renewable ressources and are produced in Switzerland by Optipac

Livré chez vous en toute sécurité

c'est pourquoi nous mettons tout en œuvre pour que votre montre vous parvienne en parfait état de fonctionnement où que vous soyez.