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Back in former eras, watches were manufactured with craftsmanship and attention to detail that can hardly be found today. These watches were made to last for generations. This is what we consider as quality at zrhbrg.

Explore different shapes and learn about their underlying aesthetics.

we create an immutable and unforgeable digital passport for your watch bought on zrhbrg. The passport proofs authenticity and your rightful ownership.

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Feedbacks that made us happy.

Silver or Gold? Tank or Tonneau?
The decision was not easy,
but ultimately good! The golden piece of zrhbrg. has now become an indispensable part of my outfit.

Lo, www.lo-leduc.ch

At zrhbrg. you will be well advised about the individuality of each piece, so that everyone can wear a piece of Swiss history on their wrist at fair prices.

Leonie Flückiger, Co-Founder of Adresta, www.adresta.ch

I never considered myself to be much of a watch-person, until I fell in love with zrhbrg's thoughtful selection of stunning vintage timepieces. So far I've bought two beautiful watches and I'll definitely be coming back for more. It's not often that you are provided with such an outstanding customer experience. I recommend zrhbrg's watches to anyone who'd like to wear a distinctive piece of history on their wrist.

Lara Valentina Nagel, Creative Director

A journey through time.

Bon Voyage.

Time is a medium that is equally connects and separates.

It separates generations through its work and connects people who share it. Time passes. It makes us change the world and ourselves, it makes us forget and miss. Time is not visible - only its traces are. 

Bon Voyage is a homage to the aesthetics of earlier epochs. An era in which character was shown. An era of qualities whose traces can still be seen today. This story is about change. From journeys into the unknown. And about timepieces that accompany us. 
A journey through time.


Experience the "Bon Voyage"

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