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Discover our hand-picked selection of exclusive Swiss vintage watches.


Find and buy the most unique Swiss vintage watches

Our unique Swiss vintage watches create awareness of a culture of quality, precision and reliability. They reveal the evolution of aesthetics, as they last for generations. And they can be considered as wearable assets: Trade in your watch bought on Zurichberg anytime and allow it to evolve with you.

You find watches on Zurichberg that you won’t find elsewhere.

Unique timepiecesPromise Nr. 1

Your digital watch certificate proofs authenticity and ownership.

AuthenticPromise Nr. 2

Our vintage watches can be expected to hold, or even rise in value over time.

Wearable assetPromise Nr.3

No new resources are used.

Ecological footprintPromise Nr. 6

Your watch is checked is ticking perfectly and comes with a warranty.

Ticking correctlyPromise Nr. 4

Our watches, materials and packaging are all Swiss made.

All Swiss madePromise Nr. 5
Don't buy a watch – Buy a journey

Personal taste can evolve. To ensure the right fit, you can trade in your watch purchased on Zurichberg anytime and upgrade to a new timepiece. Your personal timepiece can thereby evolve with you along your journey through life.

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5 Reasons for Vintage

Nowadays, many high-quality watches are mass-produced. Vintage watches were often made in very small series with skilled craftsmanship instead of robots.

Exclusive watches, that only a few wearReason Nr. 1

In earlier eras, watches were designed to last forever, including the components. There is no such thing as obsolescence. That is what we consider quality at Zurichberg.

Quality that endures generationsReason Nr. 2

Today, only a few watch manufacturers can afford to launch polarising products and therefore produce watches that are aesthetically pleasing to all.

Polarizing and characteristic designsReason Nr. 3

Vintage watches are overall cheaper than new watches. This is because new watches fulfill the essential financial objectives for the manufacturers, whereas vintage watches are financially "depreciated", so to speak.

Value for MoneyReason Nr. 4

We believe that in order to move towards a more sustainable future, it is absolutely necessary and logical to develop a sense for the quality of the past and to reuse products instead of producing new ones.

Longevity that feels greatReason Nr. 5

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Feedbacks from happy clients

Silver or Gold? Tank or Tonneau? The decision was not easy, but ultimately good! The golden piece of zrhbrg. has now become an indispensable part of my outfit.

Lorenz Häberli (Lo)Musician,

At zrhbrg. you will be well advised about the individuality of each piece, so that everyone can wear a piece of Swiss history on their wrist at fair prices.

Leonie FlückigerCo-Founder and CTO of Adresta,

The timepieces curated by zrhbrg. truly embody longevity. A quality that I particularly appreciate.

Jonas KastenhuberFounder and Artist, Haus der Kallistik,

Certified Original

The authenticity of your watch is guaranteed by our qualified and licensed watchmakers based in Switzerland. You will also get a digital twin of your watch with all key data.

Ticking correctly

Your watch is checked for accuracy or completely revised – you can choose the service level.

Zurichberg's packaging material are made out of renewable ressources and are produced in Switzerland by Optipac

Securely deliverd to you

herefore, we do everything to make sure your watch reaches you in perfect working order wherever you are.