Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Version December 2021



Are your watches genuine?
Yes! Zurichberg guarantees the sale of 100% genuine, swiss-made watches. 

Do I get the original papers?
Even better. We digitize the original papers and you will receive a digital certificate for your watch bought on zrhbrg. We thereby collaborate with trusted Swiss entities for the authentification of the watch data. We store the certificate on the Swiss Trust Chain, a nation-wide Blockchain operated by Switzerland.

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Where will my watch come from?
We source all our watches from a network of authorised dealers based in Switzerland, and in some instances, directly from the owner.

What about the accuracy of the watches?
The consequence of a watch that displays the correct time through the perfect interaction of mechanical parts is a deviation of about 5 to 20 seconds per day (mechanical and automatic watches).  

Are the watches waterproof?
Our watches are generally not waterproof or tested for water resistance. Always take off your watch for swimming, showering or similar activities. Should your watch nevertheless get wet or the glass on the inside fogs up, you should visit a watch shop as soon as possible. 

Can I visit a watch?
Since we are an online-only business, we do not have any high-street retail spaces. However, you can book a virtual fitting. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

What does the number for "condition" mean in the description of an article
The quality of the object is assessed given the current state at the time of valuation. Please find here a detailled explanation of the classification of the conditions.



Do you give a warranty?
Yes, every watch is covered by a working guarantee and is checked by a licensed watchmaker before dellivery. In addition, you can have the watch fully serviced before delivery , in which case we give you a 1-year functional guarantee.

Is the warranty covered worldwide?
Yes, our warranty is worldwide valid. This will enable you to receive assistance regardless of your country of residence.

What is covered by the warranty?
All repairs of the movement of the watch is covered by our zrhbrg. warranty.
The following services are excluded from the warranty:

– Damage to straps of any kind
– Damage to closures
– Damage caused by external influences
  (impact or fall damage, improper handling)
– Water damage 

How long does it take if I order my watch serviced?
I takes up to seven days to service your watch before delivery.



Are you shipping worldwide?
We do! Please be assured that we will include all necessary documents inside your shipment (if applicable), to ensure a smooth customs process. 

What is the delivery cost when I buy a watch?
Depending on the price of the watch and the country it is to be shipped to, shipping charges will be calculated at checkout. 

What is the delivery time when I buy a watch?
Switzerland: 1-2 working days 
European Union: 2-4 working days 
Rest of the world: 6-14 working days 

Are custom clearance fees and import taxes included in the shipping costs?
No they are not. Please note that there may be an additional customs fee and import taxes applied when your item arrives in your country. This fee is determined by your country regulations and the value of your order. 



What is your return policy?
In short, we’re not that difficult when it comes to returns and exchanges. We firmly stand behind our products and do our utmost best to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You have the right to return your purchase within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the product and there’s no need to tell us why. If you wish to return your item, simply let us know and we will arrange a collection.

Once returned to us, we will reimburse the relevant amount ras voucher for, including the costs of delivery and excluding the return costs.


Setting up your watch

How do I wind my watch correctly?
To wind your watch, move the crown of your watch to the winding position. If the crown is locked, you can loosen it by turning it counterclockwise. Then turn the crown without pressure approx. 20 times clockwise to wind up your watch. You will not notice any resistance in an automatic movement. The manual movement must be wound until resistance is felt. If the crown is screwed together, make sure that it is locked again by applying light pressure and turning it clockwise at the same time.

How often do I have to wind my watch?
A hand-wound watch must be wound daily. With an automatic movement you can follow the following rules: With daily and sufficient movement at the wrist: no manual pulling up is necessary. With daily but limited movement: watch must be wound daily. If the watch has not been worn for a long time (and has most likely stopped): the watch must be wound.

What do I have to consider when setting the date?
Make sure that you never operate the date quick switching between 20:00pm - 04:00am o'clock. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the movement, which is not covered by the warranty. When setting the time, make sure that the set time is day or night.