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Wearable Investments

In recent years, the prices of Swiss vintage watches have multiplied. In this collection, we put together timepieces that are particularly suitable as investment objects according to our market view at Zurichberg.

Swiss Vintage watches have potential to increase in price, with various reasons for why these investment assets can go up in value.

Increase in ValueReason Nr. 1

Real assets can act as a good hedge against inflation, as well as providing a way to diversify your investment portfolio.

DiversificationReason Nr. 2

Most investments you cannot consume or wear, so they do not bring any joy beside their financial returns. This is different with a watch you can actually wear.

Wearable InvestmentReason Nr. 3

Certified Original

The authenticity of your watch is guaranteed by our qualified and licensed watchmakers based in Switzerland. You will also get a digital twin of your watch with all key data.

Ticking correctly

Your watch is checked for accuracy or completely revised – you can choose the service level.

Zurichberg's packaging material are made out of renewable ressources and are produced in Switzerland by Optipac

Securely deliverd to you

herefore, we do everything to make sure your watch reaches you in perfect working order wherever you are.