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Every watch on Zurichberg is hand-picked according to our curation principles, focusing on the degree or rarity, the manufacturing quality, the brand heritage and its aesthetics in the art-historical context. 

Explore our collections and experience qualities beyond brand value.

Add a touch of elegance and character to your everyday wear without breaking the bank.

explore accessible vintage

Timepieces that are particularly suitable as investment objects according to our market view at Zurichberg.

invest in vintage

The epitome of Swiss watchmaking providing you with an understated elegance

explore dress watches

Unusual and unique designs

explore individualist watches

These hand-crafted timepieces are combining high-end materials to stand out as a highlight in any wardrobe.

explore decorated watches

Embrace the symphony of gears and springs that orchestrate each moment with unwavering precision.

Explore skeletonized watches

Certified Original

The authenticity of your watch is guaranteed by our qualified and licensed watchmakers in Zurich. You will also get a digital certificate of your watch with all its related data.

Ticking correctly

Your watch comes in perfect working condition or completely revised – you can choose the service level.

Zurichberg's packaging material are made out of renewable ressources and are produced in Switzerland by Optipac

Securely delivered to you

We do everything to make sure your watch reaches you in perfect condition wherever you are.